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An Unanswerable Defense of the Study of History

By Paul Merkley.


Christianity is essentially a historical religion.  It bases its claims on the historical facts it asserts.  If these are demolished, it is nothing.  A Christian with faith has nothing to fear from facts [Paul Johnson, History of Christianity, ix-x.]   (more…)


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This essay is brilliantly timed so as to be read as “UN Secretary-General calls, “With Gaza on knife’s edge, for restraint, urges parties to avert ‘full-blown war.’ ” (www.un.org/News, July, 13, 2014) – which, being translated, means that the world is again demanding that Israel surrender its right of self-defense against its terrorist neighbours. Dr. Crouse has put his finger on the reason why Israel always wins its wars, at enormous cost, and invariably loses the peace that follows these wars. He proposes that this cycle can be broken, but only if Israelis finally take to heart the central message of the life and work of Vladimir Ze’ev Jabotinsky (1880-1940.) (more…)

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