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I would like to draw your attention to this excellent article by Fr. Marcel Guarnizo, a Catholic priest in Virginia.  It was published on the Hot Air website earlier this week.  Fr. Guarnizo presents the case against socialism and communism concisely and clearly:

There has been much discussion in recent weeks over the debt of Christianity to—and its compatibility with —the ideas and praxis of the socialist revolution, and even of communism. Many, even in the Catholic Church, believe that we share some of the ideals of the socialist revolution because it seems to them that communism, socialism and Christianity are for the poor. In addition to this most unfortunate error, the opposite fallacy has also been made popular in the minds of many, namely that capitalists and advocates of a free market economy, hate the poor.

The truth is that free markets have lifted billions out of poverty but socialist policies keep the poor down and prevent people from getting ahead.  Christians who support socialism or think that socialist ideas are compatible with Christianity are either willfully blind or insincere.   (more…)


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It’s the story of a man who experienced and learned much, one who wrote of his “lasting respect for the common sense of ordinary people.” He came from a broken family, raised in the South and then Harlem. Rough stretches of life followed and he turned socialist. But this Marxist, against the odds, later parachuted into a movement that other African-American critics could not fathom and never approve. He became a conservative. (more…)

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