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Last week I received an email informing me of free tickets to hear American liberal Protestant Jim Wallis speak at a lecture event in downtown Toronto. That he is an intellectual and moral giant among Christian leftists, it surprised me that there were free tickets. But the lecture did conflict with the televised Democrat Debate. Maybe a number of Toronto socialists decided not to miss the Bern’s pearls of wisdom. (more…)


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Data on church growth over the past several decades reveal that churches accommodating to secular culture lose members, many of them in fact. Pick any random number of churches that have lost significant membership and check out their acceptance of liberal theology, including as it relates to social issues such as same-sex marriage (notable American examples are the United Methodists, Episcopalians, and United Church of Christ). In Canada, the United Church of Canada, the formerly large Protestant denomination with strong evangelical roots, is now on life support dealing with a massive loss of church membership (in 2012, average weekly church attendance across Canada was less than 159,000). (more…)

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