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When one reads about 11th century Europe, the focus often turns to key events such as the Norman invasion of England in 1066, the beginning of the crusades (1096), or the rise of cathedral schools, to name only a few. Often lost is recognition of global warming advancing the standard of living of tens of millions of people. (more…)


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In watching a couple of TV discussions on “Global Warming” this past week, I noted a clear whiff of desperation emanating from the zealots.  (Of course, it is now re-branded as “Climate Change,” a marketing change made necessary by the inconvenient fact that the earth’s temperature has stopped rising since 1998.)  According to Al Gore the polar ice cap is supposed to be gone by now, but it is still there and the polar bears are just fine.  When the evidence is against you, it gets harder and harder to convince people that they should give up air conditioning and cars in order to respond to the “crisis” you are trying to whip up.

George Will said the other day that when a politician tells you that “the debate is over” it generally means two things: (1) that the debate is raging and (2) he is losing.  The Wall Street Journal published a poll of 15 current issues and asked readers to rank them in order of importance.  Global Warming (or Climate Change) finished dead last.  So why are the Global Warming alarmists losing? (more…)

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